Community Support and Education

It's not just the children, it's the community. 

We understand that by removing a child from the streets which contributes a large percentage to their families income, it leaves the families and communities with a lack of money to support themselves. 
This is why we are committed to providing support in sustainable ways to improve the lives of the entire community and not just the children.   

How do we help?


Business Start-Ups

The communities we work with are trapped in the cycle of poverty, meaning that they cannot afford to start up businesses which require an initial start up cost. We are working towards supporting the people who have an incentive to work, by providing them with the resources they need to earn a steady income for their families. 


Family Support

Many of the families we work with struggle to supply the basic needs for them and their children. Things such as food and medical care are hard to come by, so we ensure that our children's families and happy and healthy by supporting them with medical bills, advice and the basic essentials to family life. 

education workshop pic.jpg


It's hard to understand the need for education, the positive effects of sustainability, hygiene and medical care or female employment when you have never been taught it. This is why we run workshops with the adult community, so that they understand what we are trying to achieve and more importantly, they want to see the change as well. 

Why support the community?


When you support the community, educated children can grow.

Often children that receive education in low-income families have to use their grades to find work which will support their family, not themselves. 
If we can support the families, the younger generation can flourish and start to end intergenerational poverty.