After School Programme

It's not all about books. We believe that providing a safe, creative environment for children to play and learn is essential. Along with a local art teacher, our project manager and our teacher; we ensure that these children have a place to play other than the streets. 

How do we help?


Creative Learning

Creativity is essential to a child's education. Due to schools in India either being understaffed or that there is simply not enough resources to provide education, their way of teaching is simple; Pen to Paper. This is why we provide an alternative way of learning every day after school. 

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Healthy and Happy

Malnourishment is an ever increasing problem with the worlds underprivileged children. We supply a healthy, well balanced meal each day to our children as well as hiring a local nurse to check up on our kids every month. 


Safe Environment

The children we support often live in tents on the side of busy streets. It is essential for them  to have a safe, comfortable environment to play, learn and grow. It also means that their parents can stay at work for longer, earning more money for their family and bettering their quality of life.

Why provide After School Club?


When you allow children to be creative, they start to believe in themselves.

Not every child is born with academic intelligence. Making children aware that they can be inventors, artists, musicians and writers is essential in their personal growth and self belief.