Child's Education Sponsorship

Giving a child education can reduce health risks and hunger, boost economic growth, prevent disease and end the cycle of poverty.   With over 50% of India's child population not attending school, the means for the country to develop are cut short. This is why it is essential to support the younger generations in receiving an adequate education so that they can change the future for their country and themselves. 


How do we help?


Private Education

Due to 40 million of the Indian population being children, government funded schools struggle to provide adequate education for all the children that attend. This is why we send the children to the best private school in Pushkar, ensuring that they get the most out of their education.


Homework Tuition

Every child in India is given approximetly two hours of homework every day. Due to our children coming from underprivileged families, their parents cannot support them in their learning. This is why we hire a local teacher to provide two hours of tuition to the children every day. 


Education Outreach

Most children in rural areas have to walk at least 3 km to a school, which leads to children failing to attend. We source schools closer to children's homes to ensure that they are able to receive they education they deserve. 

Why support education?

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With education, we can fight poverty and change the world.

Poverty will only decrease in communities when over 40% can read and write.