The foundations of The One Love Project are the Collective Team. Working together with amazing collaborators, we all ensure that our children get the support they rightfully deserve. 

The One Love Project was set up 4 years ago by a small group of friends, who were embraced by the gypsy community in Pushkar, Rajasthan. This privileged access let them see firsthand the desperate need to provide a sanctuary for the children  that begged on Pushkar's streets. Sadly because of the constraints of  the caste system and intergenerational poverty, these children were unable to access education or any other life enhancing opportunities. 

The idea of the project came from this desire to help change the world for these children and a local boy named Vijay, whose dream had always been to send the children of his camp to school and give them a brighter future. A kind benefactor called  Debbie, who has known Vijay since he was a young boy, helped his dreams become reality by funding 16 street children to stay in his care and go to school - and this she still does! 

The One Love Project stepped in, and expanded Vijay;s dream by setting up a safe haven which now provides over 30 street children with education, a healthy meal, after school homework tuition and creative classes every day throughout the school year.  

Our project leader Vijay, our teacher Shanu and our chef Deepok are all local people and are dedicated and committed to working together for these children to have a brighter future. The heart and soul of the project is to give Pushkar's gypsy children opportunity, to stimulate them creatively and educationally, preserving their rich Rajasthani culture so they can contribute to a better future for their whole community.